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Size:28.04M Update:2016-03-17 Types: The latest version:1.2 Developer:长沙随便玩网络科技有限公司
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    • Version
    • Size
    • Updated
    • Requirements
    • Download
    • 1.2
    • 28.04M
    • 2015-09-29
    • Android 2.3以上
    • 1.1
    • 22.88M
    • 2015-07-21
    • Android 2.3以上

YouTube Music Applications Introduction

Twenty-seven King simply is a tractor three dozen games, rules of the game King, Wang, 2,7 is often the main, named Wang twenty-seven
Games originated in Nanchang, Jiangxi, Hunan and now the local are like a playing card. Hunan called three-Ha, three-one, tractor
Nanchang is the most common folk, the most popular form of poker play, and now has swept all regions of Jiangxi Province and even the country, which play a similar upgrade / tractor.
Casual play phone twenty-seven king free games, registration, upgrades can get a lot of gold coins, cards can also win more prizes.
At the same time, just play phone twenty-seven king has gorgeous picture, fun sound effects, on the phone perfectly reproduce the twenty-seven king game.
Dabble twenty-seven king use of advanced engine technology development, perfectly adapted to each resolution, all models of Android phones, tablet
Far more than the gameplay: Golden Island, Polk, Yoriko Villa, Platinum Island, JJ, Burson-Marsteller, city tour
★ Fast Games: unique player matching mechanism, people online, no shortage of people ready to speed game
★ permanent free: free download free games, free multiple tasks, activities allows you to quickly become rich gold
★ most real playing experience, technology and cooperation skills PubMed
★ power provincial traffic: a fully optimized, save money and worry, gave traffic oh
★ Large Cards: rough fingers girl, man is not afraid to point the wrong card
★ beautiful picture: playing cards have visual enjoyment
★ Features Audio: witty, just Bo your smile
★ over many prizes: activities, tasks, or award winning hand, a variety of prizes waiting for you to win, play the game more interesting!
Wang quickly download play twenty-seven

YouTube Music Application screenshot

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