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Size:69.09M Update:2016-03-17 Types: The latest version:1.10 Developer:上海擎天信息技术有限公司
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    • Version
    • Size
    • Updated
    • Requirements
    • Download
    • 1.10
    • 69.09M
    • 2014-11-03
    • Android 2.2.x以上
    • 1.8
    • 63.96M
    • 2014-05-28
    • Android 2.2.x以上
    • 1.7
    • 56.95M
    • 2014-04-16
    • Android 2.2.x以上
    • 1.6
    • 54.20MB
    • 2014-05-30
    • Android 2.2.x以上

Three diva Applications Introduction

Industry conscience game industry coming! 2014 most mobile strategy card game "Three diva" come calling: pure ink style antique picture, hundreds of generals unique skills dazzling, deep strategy with portable skills allow changing battlefield situation, the industry's only card trading system allows you to every minute counter-attack Tyrant!
[Trading card industry's most conscientious]
"Three diva" let the players, the industry's first open trading system, so that players can truly discretionary hands of cards, card games origin return, the greatest pleasure and enjoyment of small partners trading cards! Bargain hunters rallies blaze, galloping card market badly, not you the who! ?
[The most readily available high-end cards]
High-end cards still get upset? With high input high output only say goodbye! Smelting system turning waste into treasure, tasteless card suddenly, powerful Advanced S Easy card hand. Weekly grab more licensing activity, as long as you dare, we dare to send! Enjoy the thrill of low-input high output!
[Even carry the war to the deepest strategy]
Is not no brain has rejected the heap value card game? "Three diva" original with carrying war, hundreds of generals exquisite combination of strengths and weaknesses, nearly a thousand kinds of generals skills to the ever-changing, the most excited brain cells burning fighting system, just to let you every minute counter-attack Tyrant!
[Play does not address most of the three countries to experience hands]
Four hundred three famous incarnation cards as you fight, Section XI of thousands of levels that take you back through the flames of war era, humorous story reconstructed from another angle to let you enjoy the freshest and most familiar with Three The story, the three biggest brand, the outcome waiting for you!
Customer service QQ group: 114 264 553

Three diva Application screenshot

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